Evaluation of the activity of RA and sustained remission in patients ongoing biological therapy


rheumatoid arthritis
biological therapy
low disease activity

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Shivacheva, T. 2019. Evaluation of the activity of RA and sustained remission in patients ongoing biological therapy. Revmatologiia (Bulgaria). 27, 1 (Apr. 2019), 16-23. DOI:https://doi.org/10.35465/27.1.2019.pp16-23.


The aim of the study is to establish the frequency and sustained remission and low disease activity in patients with RA in the course of long-term treatment with synthetic and biological means (DMARDs) in real conditions. In the conditions of retrospective data analysis of real clinical practice, there were included 209 patients suffering from RA. Activity indexes of RA in all patients were analyzed in the last year of treatment with bDMARDs. The average age of the patients is 59,01 years old. The dominants sex is female (84.6%). The beginning of treatment with biological therapy is delayed with the average of 8.21 year. In all activity indexes of RA, which were monitored in the beginning of the 6th and the 12th months, there was established a significant difference in their variation for the periods surveyed. There is a general trend towards lowering the values of our indicators. In the beginning of the monitored period, the patients going into remission (DAS28 CRP) are approximately 3 times less – 11% (n = 23) in comparison with those in the end of the study – 32.99% (n = 64) (p < 0.001). In 10% of the cases a sustained remission is observed by both combined indexes (DAS28 ESR and DAS28 CRP) (p < 0.001). Today the accurate way is the “treat to target” strategy. The purpose is lowering the activity of the disease to very low levels (or remission) and achieving a long-term remission which is now real and achievable.



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