Real-life data – a characteristic of RA in patients with cardiovascular diseases on the background of treatment with biological agents


rheumatoid arthritis
cardiovascular diseases
biologic agents
real-life data

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Shivacheva, T. 2019. Real-life data – a characteristic of RA in patients with cardiovascular diseases on the background of treatment with biological agents. Revmatologiia (Bulgaria). 27, 3 (Oct. 2019), 10-17. DOI:


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to analyze real-life data in order to characterize patients with RA and cardiovascular diseases that are treated with biological agents. Material and Methods:  In a retrospective study, data from real clinical practice were analyzed in 195 patients with seropositive RA, which are being treated with biological agents. Results: In patients with existing CVD, significantly higher mean ESR values ​​(23.95 vs. 19.31, p = 0.031) and CRP (6.41 vs. 3.36, p = 0.004) were detected over the period of the study period  of treatment. In contrast to the laboratory parameters, mean values of clinical parameters of RA - TJC, SJC and VAS clinical sings did not show a significant difference in patients with and without CVD. The time average value of DAS28 (ESR) during the study period was significantly higher in patients with CVD (3.7 vs. 3.39, p = 0.002) compared to those without CVD. DAS28 (CRP) shows the same trend. In patients with CVD, the time average value of the follow-up indicator was 3.21, and in patients without CVD, 2.88 (p <0.001). Conclusion: The results of this study, in PA patients conducting treatment with biological agents in the real life, outside of the clinical study conditions, demonstrate that independently of treatment, patients with CVD continue to maintain higher background inflammation. An optimization of therapeutic behavior in real life is necessary to improve the long-term prognosis of these patients.


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