Cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriatic arthritis: correlation or causation?


Psoriatic arthritis
Cardiovascular disease

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Angelov, A., Kopchev, A., Georgiev, T., & Ivanova, M. (2019). Cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriatic arthritis: correlation or causation?. Rheumatology (Bulgaria), 27(1), 30-43.


Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a pleiotropic inflammatory disease from the spectrum of spondyloarthritides which can potentially affect many organ systems. The chronic nature of the inflammatory milieu presented in rheumatic diseases, is similar to that of atherosclerosis, suggesting a common pathogenic basis. Effector cells of innate and adaptive immunity along with pro-inflammatory cytokines and other immune mediators may work together to potentiate endothelial damage and accelerate cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Thus, the risk of CVD and associated complications in PsA might be elevated, especially in patients with severe psoriasis, long-standing disease, and multiple comorbidities. This narrative review focuses on the prevalence of CVD in PsA patients, the overlapping molecular features in the pathogenesis of both conditions, and summarizes the benefits of the current treatments on impairments resolution.


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