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hip joint, intraarticular therapy, corticosteroids

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The presented review consists of 2 parts: descriptive and systemic analysis. In the first part mechanisms of action, indications, contraindications, methods of administration and adverse effects of intraarticular corticosteroids (IACS) are described, as well as the most common used in the studies on intraarticular therapy comparators, such as natural saline(NS) and local anesthetics (LA). Also the official statements and recommendations of the rheumatologic organizations (EULAR; ACR; OARSI) are quoted. In the systemic review 20 original studies on IACS in НОА are analysed. The data of rapidity, expression and sustainability of the effects of IACS are assessed by meta-analyses, the obtained results are compared to those of the open 4 descriptive and 4 systematic reviews of foreign authors. In the discussion the different interpretations of the results from the original studies and preceding meta-analyses are pointed out according to the authors’ opinion.
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